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China Feb inflation +2.3% on-year, fastest rise since July 2014

From : CNBC

Consumer prices in the world’s second-largest economy accelerated to a six-month high in February as seasonal distortions caused food prices to spike.

Consumer price inflation rose 2.3 percent from a year ago, faster than January’s 1.8 percent rise and well above Reuters expectations for 1.9 percent rise. February’s expansion was the fastest annual pace of growth since July 2014, Reuters said.

February’s spike was only a temporary effect, warned Grace Ng, greater China economist at J.P Morgan.

“Part of the increase is due to Chinese New Year-related issues. Generally, the inflation picture overall is quite tame. For the whole year, we’re still looking for inflation below 2 percent,” she told CNBC’s”Squawk Box.”

The week-long Lunar New Year holiday that began on February 7 tends to increase demand for fresh food every year, which pushes up prices. Unusual cold weather this year also caused a tightening in the supply of vegetables, driving prices higher, according to a Societe Generale note.

Despite the surge, inflation isn’t expected to continue accelerating.

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