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JAS hints it will pay 4G licence fee

Source – Bangkok Post (Eng)

JAS Mobile Broadband has informally assured the telecom regulator it is ready to pay the licence fee for its fourth-generation (4G) business by Monday’s deadline, saying it will submit the official confirmation letter to the telecom regulator today.
Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), said JAS executives told him the company could pay the licence fee on March 21 and that a formal letter to confirm the payment would be submitted today.
The subsidiary of SET-listed Jasmine International, which won a bidding war for the 900-megahertz spectrum licence, saw some doubt its payment ability because the licence fee was far higher than expected. JAS won the first licence for 75.7 billion baht; the reserve price was 12.9 billion baht.
People familiar with the deal say the likeliest lifeline for JAS is Bangkok Bank (BBL).
A source said it was unlikely JAS would seek a loan from a foreign bank in Thailand as they mostly have small loan portfolios, not large enough to cover the risk from 76 billion baht.
“It is unlikely foreign banks could get back-up funds from their parent firms because that would take time, seeking permission from the Bank of Thailand,” the source said.
People close to JAS say BBL is ready to lend to the company if Pete Bodharamik, chief executive of Jasmine International, agrees to personally guarantee the full loan amount.
“That is a big decision, and I don’t think Pete will do it,” a source familiar with JAS’s thinking said.
Mr Pete could not be reached for comment.
BBL president Chartsiri Sophonpanich said things would be clearer on Monday but declined to give further details.
Mr Takorn said NBTC will relax conditions for JAS if it can pay the licence as stipulated as compensation for the telecom regulator extending the licence-granting date to 30 days from three days.
JAS can submit its network and equipment import plan for NBTC’s consideration immediately after its payment is confirmed.
The NBTC has to change its regulation in compliance with the court ruling to extend AIS’s 2G service to April 14. This delays the date JAS will receive its licence to April 15 at the earliest.
The auction rule stated an auction winner must receive a licence before submitting its list of imported network and telecom equipment to seek regulator approval. The rule was meant to ensure consumers receive service up to the regulator’s standard.
Mr Takorn said if the regulator did not relax the condition or allow adequate compensation for JAS, the NBTC could face a complaint.

อ่านต่อได้ที่ : Bangkok Post, ทันหุ้น

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